World’s Largest S-Scale Model Diorama With Working Trains & Street Cars!

Found this on YouTube and thought is was interesting – for those of you looking to build a Diorama.  This sets the bar pretty high – LOL!

Located inside the Cincinnati Museum Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio: The Cincinnati In Motion exhibit is stunning! It is an exact reconstruction of downtown Cincinnati in 1940. The exhibit includes nearly 3,400 figures and 400 vehicles. It has up to 20 moving trains, 8 old streetcars and 4 working inclines. It’s total size is 7,000 sq. ft. Three railroads are depicted: NYC, PRR, C&O. It has four S-Scale railroad Mainlines with an average length of 75-100 Feet. All the historical structures were scratch built. The entire exhibit also cycles between a 5-minute day followed by a 2-minute night. Cost: $1.3 Million. For more information check out their web site:…

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