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Casting Review: Racing Champions 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup


Casting Review:  Racing Champios 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup

By:  Steve Hakari


Back in Racing Champions heyday, they made a excellent replica of the 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup.  (more…)

Custom Build: 1965 Ford Econoline Van by LBCustomz (Dino Laspada)

Custom Build:  1965 Ford Econoline Van by LBCustomz

By: Dino Laspada



When M2 Machines released the 1965 Ford Econoline Van to the collecting world, it became a popular casting for customizers immediately.  (more…)

Kyosho – Bentley MiniCar Collection Release 72


Once in a while you run across a die cast or set of die casts that make you “OOOO” and “AHH” like it is the Fourth of July Fireworks display – I had that feeling when I first opened the MiniChamps Bentley Brooklands released a few years back. So, when it Kyosho announced that Release 72 of the Minicar Collection was to be ALL Bentleys, my excitement was to be expected.   (more…)

“Out of The Box”: M2 Machines Auto-Drivers Release 32



“Out of The Box”:  M2 Machines Auto-Drivers Release 32

By: Steve Hakari

Date: 8-4-2015

With the newest release of one of M2 Machines most popular series, Auto-Drivers, comes a great mix in Release 32. (more…)

“How-To” Project: Lowering a M2 Machines ’68 Mustang by Eddie Ray


“How-To” Project:  Lowering a M2 Machines ’68 Mustang

By: Eddie Ray


Using a 1/16″ Dremel cutter(Pictured with a piece if 1/16″ aluminum tubing), I carefully elongated the front axle holes upward. (more…)

World’s Largest S-Scale Model Diorama With Working Trains & Street Cars!

Found this on YouTube and thought is was interesting – for those of you looking to build a Diorama.  This sets the bar pretty high – LOL!


Casting Review: Auto World 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body


Casting Review:  Auto World 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

By:  Steve Hakari



Back in 2011, Tom Lowe and the crew at Auto World decided to make a breakthrough in the diecast world that has never been done before.  (more…)

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